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• 2/9/2019


I was messing around with my team, upgrading magic and so on and then i went to continue the storyline but it wont let me start any battles. It just keeps sending my back to the team management page :(

Anyone know how to fix it?

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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/30/2016

Accesories (Gems)

Can anyone help?!! translate all the effect that come from accesories (gems)i will be really thankful!~
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• 8/28/2016


With the addition of lacrima into the game, please note that max stats on a unit page represent the max stats WITHOUT any lacrima equipped.
Lacrima function as augments, and different ones provide different stat increases
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• 6/7/2016

Guild coins & guild resources

If i quit the guild i joined due to lots members inactive
(How do i know? I checked their guild battle wins/losses)
I do know after quitting guild takes 24hr to join another
Will i lose my guild coins & resources?
I need to join the guild where members are active & i already used my 4-7 gacha to refill battle tickets
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• 4/30/2016

How to fix game file size?

My game showed that its over 3Gb. Other than clearing cache, is there a way to fix it? Instead of clearing data/reinstall the game, re-enter ID & pw
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• 4/10/2016

Can't get to starting screen

I have sat at the white screen with a few of the guild members for a while now. I have clicked around and done nothing, but it never seems to make it to the screen where you make your username. Please help, I don't know what im doing wrong.
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• 1/28/2016


For so many reasons, apps these days need updates and I need to update this one to keep playing.
Now I would rather not delete my data and re install just to have the most updated app. And to keep doing this when new updates come up.
If anyone can help me? I just allowed unverififed sources and downloaded through an externl link as I couldn't get this app in Australia.
If anyone could give me a step by step or link to a youtube video I would be ever so grateful.
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• 12/18/2015

Transfer account

if i transfer my account (on my android) to my iPhone i will lose my gems just like in One Piece Treasure Cruise?
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• 12/12/2015

Download link

Is there any option how to direct download it?
I own Galaxy Note II and google play says it is not compatible with it.
I just don't believe it!
Gosh I want to play it...
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• 12/7/2015

Can't accept jobs off of the request board

i can move through the story campaign alright, but when I try to takeajob   from the request board the loading icon pops up for a split second before leaving me on the exact same page. No confirmation that I want to take the request or anything. Is there some criteria I have to meet first? Do you not tap the request you want in order to select it? Do I need to redownload the game?
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• 12/6/2015

I can't pass the "starting screen "

i only have two options:

- One is the START but when i click appear a mesage in japanese with an "(10)":  I already checked the e-mail that i registered in the website of the game and i dont receive any codes...
- the other is the "change device" one...
im a little newbie with this apps games need some help please...
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• 11/12/2015

Help for character page title translations

Please help to answer if you are able to!
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