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Events are where you can obtain special units of limited availability. Some events are recurring and happen again after a few months, while others are a one-time thing.

Christmas 2015

Christmas event

Erza - Strongest Santa and Jellal

Determined Yukino

Yukino event
Japanese name: 決意のユキノ (Ketsui no Yukino)

Obtainable Units

[Celestial Spirit Mage] Yukino


Fantasia Event
Japanese name: ファンタジアの競演 (Fantajia no Kyouen) Finish quests and potentially get units, their evolution items, and their magic. For Mavis, finish her quest and she will be given as a reward
Mavis event

Quest rewards: [Fantasia] Gray, [Fantasia] Juvia, [First Master] Mavis

Mavis can be evolved to Rare 5 by using five Fantasia Gray and five Fantasia Juvia evolution items


Siegrain event

White Day 2016

Obtainable Units

White Day Sting and White Day Rogue

Fairy Tail Zero

Fairy tail zero

Finish the quest chains for Zera and Yuri and obtain them as units, finish the "HARD" difficulty quests to obtain their evolution item

Always with you Zera and Treasure Hunter Yuri

Oracion Seis 1

Oracion seis 1

Part 1: Racer, Angel, Cobra (guaranteed reward if complete quest)

Cobra can be evolved to Rare 5 by using five Racer and three Angel five evolution items

Red-Hair Flare

Flare event

[Raven Tail Flare]

Oracion Seis 2

Oracion Seis 2

Part 2: Hoteye, Midnight, Brain (guaranteed reward if complete quest)

Brain can be evolved to Rare 5 by using five Hawkeye and five Midnight evolution items


Children's Day

Childrnes day

Child Natsu

Gacha: Child Gray and Child Erza

Fairies' Penalty Game

Fairies punishment

Japanese name: 妖精たちの罰ゲーム (Youseitachi no Batsu Geemu)

Coinciding with the release of Volume 55 of the manga and its special edition containing the Fairies' Penalty Game OVA

Maid Erza

Limited gacha: Wedding Wendy, Bunny Lucy and Bunny Levy

Edolas vs Earthland

Edolas vs earthland

Japanese name: エドラス VS アースランド (Edorasu VS Aasurando)

Characters: Edolas Lucy, Edolas Erza, Royal Army Panther Lily

Panther Lily can be evolved to Rare 5 by using five Edolas Lucy and five Edolas Erza evolution items

As of 9/23 event, now includes Regnault Erza and Sugarboy

Jiggle Butt Gang

Jiggle butt event

Characters: [True Evil Wonderful], True Evil Marco, True Evil []

Wonderful can be evolved to Rare 5 by using five Marco and five [] evolution items

2 Councilors

Councilor event

Lahar and Mest

Grimoire Heart

Grimoire Heart Event

Seven Kin of Purgatory -Ultear given as a log-in bonus if you log in 5 days in a row

Kain, Azuma, and Zancrow are possible rewards for their respective quests, while Caprico is obtained through exchanging Guild Marks

Gacha: Seven Kin of Purgatory Meredy and Rustyrose

Fairy Girls

This event introduces new units in swimsuit costumes, as well as re-releasing units available during the release commemoration gacha campaign

Quest: Erza and Jenny

Gacha 1: Sorano and Yukino (July 15-21)

Gacha 2: Lucy and Unchallenged in Water Juvia (July 18)

Gacha 3: Sherria and Wendy (July 20-28)

Blue Pegasus Trimens

Memorial Festival

Get characters' Rare 4 magics

Fairy Girls Round 2

Sorano and Yukino

Ur and Ultear

Sea Empress Erza

Pride Battle (GMG)

Gacha: GMG Natsu and Lucy

Quest: Flare, Arcadios, Yukino, Elfman, and Bacchus

Guild Battle (GMG)

Gacha: GMG Laxus and Gajeel

Quest: Battle Suit Jenny

Sidequest: Zirconis battle

Autumn Festival

Gacha: Autumn Festival Mavis and Zeref

Quest: Mavis and Zeref lacrima

Rave Master

Limited Gacha: Haru, Sieghart, Elie


Gacha: Gajeel, Levy, (With Carla) Wendy, (Healing Angel) Sherria, Lucy, and Mirajane


Quest: Silver, Kyoka, Tempester, Seilah

2017+: Ezel and Jackal quests added

Natsu vs Mavis

Christmas 2016

New Year 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Gacha: Erza, Juvia

Dragon Cry

Ticket Gacha: Pretty Angel Carla Event quests: Zash and Sonya

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