Used to create or level up magic.

Elemental no attibute
Elemental fire
Elemental water
Elemental wind
Elemental earth
Elemental light
Elemental darkness
No attribute Fire Water Wind Earth Light Darkness

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Seeds of Magic

Used to create or level up magic.

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Secret Book of Magic

To limit break magic from level 20 to level 40. Obtained when friendship of mages is increased.


Used to evolve mages. Obtained from selling mages or specific quests.

Plue rare 1
Plue rare 2
Plue rare 3

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Potion attack
Attack potion: Increase attack of whole party by 20%
Potion defense
Defense potion: Increase defense of whole party by 20%
Potion magic soul
Magic soul potion: To recover team's HP

Misc Items

Battle Tickets

For use in player vs player battles. 5 free tickets are given per day. There is an event featuring Ichiya every few days that gives an extra ticket per completion

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