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Basic information & things to note

Each character can only be equipped with up to 3 magics.

Types of magic

  1. Inherent (固有) - character-specific
  2. Common (一般) - not character-specific
  • [ALL] - for all characters
  • [アタック] - for attack type
  • [サポート] - for support type
  • [ガード] - for guard type

CT (cool time)

Every magic has a CT. The number represents the number of turns before you can use the magic again.


  • Single unit (単体)
  • All units (全体)

Maximum level

The maximum level of magic is 20. However, this can be increased to 40 by limit breaking with the Secret Book of Magic.


Tut magic create 1
Tut magic create 3

Leveling up

Tut magic strengthen 1
Tut magic strengthen 2


Overview & Equip

Tut magic equip 1
Tut magic equip 2

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